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Buy 5G Routers from leading manufacturers from the 5G Store.  We stock a wide range of Industrial, home and office routers to provide 4G and 5G Internet connectivity.  We have a large range of 5G LTE routers from leading manufacturers including Proroute, Teltonika, Mikrotik, Sierra Wireless, Amit, Cradlepoint, TCL, Fritz!, Huawei, Four-Faith and Draytek.

If you need help selecting the best 4G or 5G router for your application then give our friendly team a call.  If you have an enquiry for a few units or for a project we can also help with special pricing.

We also provide 4G and 5G antennas and mobile data SIM cards including Fixed IP SIM Cards as well as some 5G CCTV Cameras and even a 5G Router with POE Ports and built-in NVR so you can use it to provide POE to your devices on the LAN.

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We stock 5G SIM routers for Industrial, office and home use.  Our range of Industrial 5G routers include the best selling models from leading manufacturers including Proroute, Robustel, Cradlepoint, Sierra Wireless, Perle, W-Link, Teltonika, Four-Faith, Amit and Digi.

Our home and office routers for high speed Internet inlcude manufacturers such as Huawei, Fritz!, Teltonika, Netgear, Billion, Mikrotik, TCL and Draytek

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What is a 5G Router

A 5G Router is similar to a normal broadband router but instead of using a telephone line (wired connection) to connect to the Internet, 5G routers have an embedded 5G modem and a SIM card slot so you can insert a 5G SIM Card and the router will connect to the Mobile Broadband Internet service.

This is useful if you don’t have access to a wired broadband Internet service such as ADSL or alternatively your wired broadband is slow, but a 4G or 5G Internet connection is much faster.  You may also want to use 5G Internet as a backup to a wired Internet service such as a business leased line.  5G backup is becoming quite common.

A 5G router may also be used for a homeworker where the company wants to provide a convenient, high speed Internet connection for their workforce.

Types of 5G Router

In reality all 5G routers are the same in that they enable a user to insert a 5G SIM card and connect to the 5G Mobile Internet service and share this high speed connection with wired or wireless devices connected to the router.  However, there are different classifications of 5G routers because they are used for different applications.


This classification of router means that they are designed for a typical home environment where the focus is primarily on speed.  The first thing most home owners do when they set up their router is perform a speed test and compare this with the speed test they get on their 5G smartphone.  This means the router has to have a fast 5G modem inside, a good built-in antenna and super fast WiFi as most devices will connect via WiFi.  Home routers will also need to look good.


A 5G Mobile Broadband Router for a small office will typically be the same as a home router, providing a high speed 5G Internet service for a handful of users with connectivity to a network switch for a mix of wired and wireless devices.  For larger offices a 5G connection may be used to provide extra bandwidth or as a 5G backup.  These office routers may have a few extra features like ping reboot / cell ICMP check and also VPN capabilities.


An industrial 5G router also known as an M2M 5G router is typically housed in a robust metal casing and will have detachable antennas so that different 5G antenna options can be used depending upon the installation environment.  These types of router depend more upon resilience and security rather than good looks and speed.  They are typically installed in remote locations so need to stay connected to the 5G network and they have features such as ping reboot / cell ICMP check and watchguard facilities so if they are disconnected by the mobile networks they can reconnect (4G and 5G services are an always available service and do not provide a guaranteed always on service) .  This network monitoring and re-connection service reduces the need for engineers to visit site to power the router off and on to get it to reconnect.  Many of these industrial LTE 5G routers will use a Fixed IP SIM Card to enable remote access to the router and connected devices so need to be very secure.