Bonded 4G Router

Bonded 4G Routers

Our range of bonded 4G Routers will allow you to have several simultaneous connections and bond them together to create a much faster link.  A Bonded 4G Router solution usually comprises the 4G Router with multiple 4G Modems and SIM cards which provide the multiple 4G connections at the location and these connect to a central VPN server which enables the multiple connections to be bonded together.

We offer several bonded 4G router solutions along with the 4G SIM cards and if needed 4G antennas if the routers are located in a poor signal location.

As well as providing the Bonded 4G Routers, we can also supply a managed service whereby we provide the bonding device which you can connect several 5G or 4G devices to and even wired services and our bonding network device will connect to our central service and create a fully managed, bonded 4G solution.  This service is the Speedroute SD-WAN and provides a low latency bonded service ideal for Pre-Ethernet situations where your business is waiting for wired Ethernet services with a long wait.  The Speedroute SD-WAN solution could also be used for site offices or events and even for media streaming where large, bonded 4G bandwidth is required.

A Bonded 4G Solution using the Speedoute service also provides built-in 4G failover becuase if any of the connected broadband services become unavailable, then the Speedroute Bonded 4G service simply carries on using the other broadband services until the affected service is resumed.  This means that the Speedroute bonded 4G router solution not only increases available bandwidth but provides seamless failover and 4G backup for your business Internet services.