5G Router For CCTV remote access and viewing – 5G Mobile Broadband

Upgrading to a 5G router for CCTV access over the new 5G mobile networks.

CCTV installers across the UK have been using 4G routers and Fixed IP SIM Cards for years to provide remote access to their CCTV equipment without the need for installing a separate fixed wired broadband line.

With the roll-out of 5G Internet across the UK, many CCTV installers are looking to futureproof their installations and want to install 5G routers and either use a 5G Fixed IP SIM Card or continue to use their existing 4G Fixed IP SIM cards with the choice to upgrade to 5G when it becomes available.

To this end we stock a range of industrial grade, M2M 5G routers ideally suited for 5G remote access to CCTV / NVR / IP cameras.

As well as just supplying 5G Routers, Antennas and Fixed IP SIM Cards we can also supply an Industrial NVR with built-in 5G Router and POE Switch.  This all-in-one 5G CCTV solution will allow you to insert a 5G SIM Card, connect an external 5G antenna if required and also has a built-in 8 port POE switch to provide connectivity for POE Cameras.  This Industrial 5G Router NVR unit could also be used as a stand alone 5G Router with 8 port POE switch if you needed a router with POE for other applications.


The Proroute PRO-NVR unit is available with a built-in 5G Router or 4G Router and includes built-in 8 Port POE Switch to provide power and Ethernet to connected IP cameras and can utilise HDD or SDD drives for NVR storage.

PRO-NVR-4G POE 5G Router