Home 5G Router

Home 5G Routers

Are you ready to join the 5G network?

If you’re looking to upgrade your current old 4G network router to a blazing fast 5G router then you’re in luck, now is the perfect time to do so, especially with our amazing selection of 5G routers. 

The top speeds of 4G are slowly becoming a thing of the past with the arrival of 5G, which is incredibly faster. 5G has a theoretical top speed of 1.7 Gbps compared to 300 Mbps for 4G LTE. Imagine being able to download a movie in seconds, easily stream games or videos in Ultra HD quality. Our range of 5G routers will help you achieve just that and more.

Home 5G Router

5G – a network of the future

These 5G routers are deployed to minimize downtime costs, reduce service calls and get facilities up and running faster. Whether supporting secure financial transactions or setting up data routing solutions for transportation and industrial applications, 5G routers are accelerating the deployment of high-performance cellular networks with a secure connection, location-based services and remote management. They are able to operate in 4G and 5G bands worldwide to provide fully reliable connections to a dedicated location.

5G Routers for the Home and Small Office / Homeworker

Our 5G Routers with SIM slotprovide an easy way to access the high speed 5G networks and also provide a super-fast 4G connection if your area does not yet benefit from the mobile networks 5G rollout.  Installation of these routers is easy, in most cases just insert your 5G SIM card and connect the power.  The router should recognise the SIM card and connect automatically to 5G or 4G.  Simply connect your wired devices to the Gigabit Ethernet ports or connect wirelessly to the built-in WiFi. 

All of our home 5G routers have high speed, dual band WiFi so you can connect multiple users straight out of the box using the default passwords and all of the routers are fairly straight forward to configure to change things like the LAN IP range, admin passwords and WiFi SSID and WiFi log on passwords.

Antennas for 5G Routers

If your router is installed indoors where there is a poor 5G network signal and you have a much better 5G network signal outdoors then it may be possible to install an outdoor 5G antenna and connect it to your router.

Not all 5G routers have external antenna ports and those that do will usually just have 2×2 MIMO which means that there are just 2 external antenna connectors, and the other pair of 5G antennas will remain internal.

Some routers, like the Mikrotik Chateau and the Fritzbox 6850 have standard SMA antenna connectors so it is easier to buy a 5G antenna to connect to these.  Other routers like the TCL Linkhun and the original Huawei CPEPRO 5G Router will have TS9 antenna connectors so you will normally need to purchase a TS( adapter if you buy a 5G antenna that is terminated with SMA connectors.  You may be able to find 5G antennas that are already pre-terminated with TS9 connectors but we do not offer any of these at the 5G Store.

Most 5G antennas will be 2×2 MIMO which means that the single antenna housing will contain 2 x antennas and have 2 x antenna cables which will connect to the 2 antenna ports of the router.  We recommend that you use a MiMo outdoor antenna when using it with a 5G router. 

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