Guest Internet

Guest Internet – Hotspot Gateway

What is a Guest Internet Hotspot Gateway?

This is a hardware solution that plugs into your existing Internet router, whether a normal wired broadband service or a 4G or 5G router and provides a very simple and low cost way to add important features for any Wi-Fi Hotspot to enable and manage guest and customer WiFi access.

Gust Internet make a range of products: from a 25 users product for a bar or restaurant, up to a 2000+ users product suitable for a large resort.

Product features have been designed to protect your business from the consequences of data theft, and to give your guests and visitors a great Internet service.

These WiFi hotspot Internet products make great financial sense: low cost products ensure that you get a fast return on investment.



Our products do not require a computer specialist to install them. With the easy to follow setup wizard, any person who runs a business already has the skills required.



Up to 10,000 access codes can be generated at one time. As access codes expire then new codes can be generated. Access codes have many features/limits such as duration, single/multi user per code, and download/upload speeds.