Huawei 5G Routers

Huawei are the market leaders in 5G routers for home or office 5G Internet connectivity.  These high speed 5G routers have a SIM slot so you can insert your 5G SIM Card and the router will connect to the 5G Mobile Broadband Internet service and provide a high speed WiFi hotspot.  The Huawei 5G Routers are unlocked and work with 5G SIM cards from all UK mobile phone networks including EE 5G SIM Cards, 3Mobile 5G SIM’s, O2 5G Data SIM Cards and Vodafone 5G network SIM cards.

Simply insert your 5G SIM Card into the Home 5G router and connect the mains power, or if using the Huawei router for office Internet then it is just as quick and simple but your may need a larger inclusive data allowance on your SIM card.