Industrial 5G Routers

Reliable and secure 5G mobile broadband for remote access and monitoring using our range of Industrial 5G Routers.  These high speed 5G routers use a 5G SIM Card (preferable a Fixed IP SIM Card) to provide a high speed 5G mobile broadband Internet connection for you application.

Whether you need a 5G Internet connection for remote access or monitoring such as remote access to your CCTV installation using a 5G router with a Fixed IP SIM Card or you need a high speed 5G router for office internet or 5G failover then our routers and SIM cards are the ideal choice for your business.

Robustel Industrial 5G Routers

Robustel Industrial 5G Routers

R5020 5G Router

Robustel R5020 Industrial 5G Router

The R5020 5G Router is powered by Robustel’s proprietary operating system RobustOS, a Linux-based OS with a clean, simple and modular user experience developed by Robustel specifically for use in Robustel devices. With additional CPU capabilities compared to traditional LTE routers the R5020 Industrial 5G router also offers the ability for customers to perform more in-depth EDGE computing tasks through writing applications using the RobustOS Software Development Kit (SDK).

Teltonika Industrial 5G Routers

Sierra Wireless Industrial 5G Routers

Cradlepoint Industrial 5G Routers

Perle Industrial 5G Routers

INSYS ICOM Industrial 5G Routers

Milesight / Ursalink Industrial 5G Routers

UR75 5G Industrial Router

Milesight Ursalink UR75 Industrial 5G router

Fast Speed 4G/5G NetworkSpeed Upgrades; Low Latency;
Massive Capacity; Increased Bandwidth;

Highly ReliableQualcomm Quad-Core Processor

Rich Interfaces2 x 2 MIMO 802.11ac Wi-Fi

1 x RS232 + 1 x RS485
1 x Digital Input & Output

WELOTEC Industrial 5G Routers

WLINK Industrial 5G Routers

G930 5G Router

Wlink WL-G930 Industrial 5G Router

WLINK WL-G930 is an Industrial 5G router offerring secure and reliable remote connectivity to deployed assets that utilize cellular carrier networks. The global version WL-G930 nearly covers all the main stream carriers worldwide, this gives customers the flexibility to choose from a host of carries that serve different location.

AMIT Industrial 5G Routers

IDG780 5G Router

Amit IDG780 5G Router

AMIT IDG780 is a compact Industrial 5G Router designed for mass deployment.  This compact unit is a dual SIM 5G router to provide failover to a backup SIM card for added resilience and has LAN, WAN and WiFi connectivity for ease of installation and is ideal for M2M applications such as 5G CCTV Internet connectivity.

There are many types of industrial 5G routers available and we can supply these on a hardware only basis or can provide a range of services such as Fixed IP SIM Cards, installation and accessories such as 5G antennas and weatherproof housings for most 5G remote access and monitoring applications.