Our 5G CCTV Solutions provide a high speed 5G connection for use with CCTV for remote access and monitoring. For a high speed 5G CCTV connection we recommend the use of a 5G Router and 5G Fixed IP SIM Card. The 5G router on it’s own with a normal 5G data SIM card will not enable remote access because the 4G / 5G mobile networks use CGNAT (Carrier Grade NAT) to provide the IP address to the 5G connection (the router) and this means the router internet IP address is private and belongs to the mobile network and is one of 250 IP addresses sitting behind a single public IP address, which means you cannot remotely access your 5G router, or connect to your connected CCTV devices.

A 5G Fixed IP SIM Card inside your 5G router overcomes this problem because the Fixed IP is provided by the Fixed IP SIM Card provider, so you configure your 5G Router to connect to your 5G Fixed IP SIM Card providers APN and you can now access your 5G router and connected CCTV equipment using port forwarding. There are two types of 5G Fixed IP SIM service, one with a public IP address, which means that your router and CCTV equipment will be open to the public Internet so you need to ensure that you have correctly configured all of your router and CCTV equipment firewall and security settings to prevent unauthorised access, and a Private IP SIM card which means that you have to connect your PC to the Fixed IP SIM network provider using a secure VPN service before you can access your 5G router and connected CCTV equipment.

Our 5G CCTV solution provides a cost effective and simple way to provide 5G Internet for your CCTV.

Unlimited Data Fixed IP SIM for CCTV

Many CCTV installers and users that want to use the 4G and 5G mobile network for remote access to their CCTV equipment will usually require a large amount of mobile data.  Usually Fixed IP SIM Cards are expensive for data plans of more than 20GB but now there are high usage fixed IP sim cards available offering 500GB and even 650GB of inclusive data per month with a fixed IP address for easy remote access to the 4G router / 5G router for easy port forwarding to the attached CCTV equipment.

These large data plans have been branded as unlimited data fixed IP sim cards, but in reality they are subject to fair use policies which are usually 200GB, 500GB or 650GB per month but these data plans are so competitive when compared to higher data usage plans on traditional fixed IP SIM cards.

Unlimited Data Fixed IP SIM

5G Router for CCTV

The Proroute H685 5G router is a great solution to provide high speed 5G and 4G mobile broadband Internet connectivity for accessing your CCTV equipment using the 4G / 5G mobile network.

The H685 5G router has an embedded, high speed 5G modem and provides 2 x Ethernet ports and WiFi for LAN connectivity and provides a reliable, robust and secure 5G connection.

If you need a 5G ROuter for CCTV with more Ethernet Ports or faster WiFi then you could consider the RAPID NR550 router (£495) which has 4 x Gigabit Ethernet Ports and 802.11AC WiFi or the Teltonika RUTX50 5G Router (£590) which again has 4 x Gigabit Ethernet Ports and 802.11AC Wave 2 WiFi 5 connectivity.


The PRO-CAM-5G is a stand alone, weatherproof CCTV camera with built-in 5G router.  Just insert your Fixed IP SIM Card into this 5G CCTV camera and connect the power and enjoy the benefits of a quick and simple installation.  The PRO-CAM-5G has a built-in battery back-up which can provide up to 10 hours of camera operation and has input to enable the connection of a solar or wind turbine to provide battery re-charging to create a stand-alone 5G/4G CCTV camera installation.


The PRO-NVR-4G-5G is an industrial NVR unit with built-in POE Ports for the connection of IP camera’s as well as built-in 4G or 5G modem for remote access connection using 4G or 5G mobile broadband dnwtrok SIM card.

As well as providing a reliable and robust CCTV NVR Solution, the PRO-NVR-4G-5G the device could be used as a stand alone 4G or 5G router with 8 x POE Ports for installations that require a 5G router with POE.