Get high speed 5G Internet with our M2M, Office and Home 5G Routers.

Ofcom, the telecoms regulator, estimated that by the end of 2023, 80 to 90% of UK premises could get 5G coverage outdoors from at least one operator. Because 5G does not penetrate walls very well, this means that most 5G users will either want to use an outdoor 5G router or an indoor 5G routers with an outdoor 5G antenna.

5G networks are initially being built on top of legacy 4G equipment. This is called ‘non-standalone’ 5G (NSA). While it can deliver enhanced mobile broadband, the more advanced uses envisioned for 5G will require ‘standalone’ (SA) networks. Deployment of standalone 5G, which utilises dedicated 5G equipment in all parts of the network, is at an early stage.

Our 5G Routers will work on all UK 5G networks as well as operating on existing 4G networks where 5G service is unavailable.  Our 5G routers will provide a high speed 5G Mobile Broadband Internet service but speeds are dependant upon your network provider.