Fixed IP SIM Cards provide a convenient way to enable remote access to your M2M router. We offer 4G Fixed IP SIM Cards and 5G Fixed IP SIM Cards as well as roaming Fixed IP SIM Cards. We can provide SIM cards with a public IP address, which means you can communicate with your 4G router directly and use port forwarding to connect directly to your devices on the LAN. We also offer private fixed IP sim cards which provide a 4G connection with a private, fixed IP address, so in order to connect to your 4G router remotely you first of all need to create a VPN connection from your PC to our VPN server, at which point you can now communicate with your routers and connected devices.

Of course, a Fixed IP SIM with a private IP address and access to the routers via a secure VPN connection will be more secure, but in some cases less convenient than communicating directly to fixed public IP address. Using a Fixed IP SIM with a public IP address will mean that you need to ensure your router firewall will need to be correctly configured and also the connected devices will also need to have their security settings configured to prevent any unauthorised access.

Fixed IP SIM Card Options

We can offer SIM Cards with either a Public or Private IP address.

We can provide SIM Cards on a single network or we can provide a roaming SIM card which can use different mobile providers.

Our normal data plans cover 1GB to 20GB per month inclusive data and we can also offer an unlimited data fixed IP SIM card with a public IP address.

On most SIM card packages we provide access to a reporting portal where you can view your company SIM cards, see usage and configure each SIM to provide alerts when data limits are reached.