D-Link DWM-312W Compact Industrial LTE 4G Router


Compact, Industrial 4G router from D-Link for reliable, secure M2M / IoT connectivity for CCTV, Kiosks, Digital Signage / Remote Media and wind / solar monitoring and management.  Ideal for use with a Fixed IP SIM Card.


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Industrial 4G router from D-Link

High performance router designed especially to power large scale Machine-to-Machine applications (M2M). The DMW-312W utilises a 3G/4G mobile connection with dual SIM support and Fast Ethernet WAN/LAN connections for comprehensive redundancy options. Housed in an industrial grade casing that is suitable for a range of extreme and hostile environments.
  • 4G LTE download speeds up to 150Mb/s and uplink speeds up to 50Mb/s
  • Integrated VPN client and server that can manage multiple VPN configurations
  • Supports IPSec, GRE & OpenVPN protocols whilst handling passthrough traffic
  • SNMP management support for rapid deployment applications
  • Fast Ethernet LAN & WAN connections for broad compatibility
  • Dual SIM card slots for fallback reliability
  • Connections: 1x RJ45 WAN/LAN, 1x RJ45 LAN, 3x SMA, DI/DO/Grounding ports
  • Industrial grade, corrosion-resistant casing is ideal for use in extreme conditions
  • Wall mount design for optimal placement
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 134x76x32mm

Connectivity where you need it most

Easily connect to your high-speed 4G/3G LTE mobile connection and enjoy downlink speeds of up to 150 Mbps1 and uplink speeds up to 50 Mbps1 – facilitating fast, reliable and responsive Internet access that enables you to deploy the router in a remote location, and still access your devices from anywhere.

The DWM-312W also offers maximum redundancy and flexibility to power your Machine-to-Machine (M2M) applications with a dedicated Ethernet for high reliability that provides downlink speeds of up to 300 Mbps1.

Reliable, secure and high-speed VPN

The DWM-312W’s can support almost any VPN policy and manage multiple configurations. It even supports IPSec, GRE and OpenVPN protocols as well as handling pass-through traffic.

Advanced VPN configuration options include multiple encryption options, key management, negotiation modes, and VPN authentication using an internal user database.

Easy installation in extreme conditions

The corrosion-resistant zinc-plated steel case and wide operating temperature and humidity tolerance make the DWM-312W an industrial-grade device, ready for the most demanding M2M environment.

Equipped with wall and DIN rail mounting configurations, the DWM-312W can be installed where it is needed for optimal connectivity. Flexible power input allows the router to operate under any convenient power source.

Network agility for Enterprise IoT Management

D-Link offers the latest advanced EaaS (Edge as a Service) cloud computing platform to enable flexible, secure and low latency networks for mission critical operations.

With fast, flexible deployment and having full control and visibility over your network, the D-ECS D-Link Edge Cloud Solution platform offers extensive functionality enabling device management, traffic analytics, security, cost-management and more.



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