FRITZ!Box 6850 5G for gigabit speeds via mobile networks

Surf and stream at lightning-fast speed on your mobile network connection – with the FRITZ!Box 6850 5G. You can now reach gigabit speeds wirelessly with 5G, the fifth generation technology standard for mobile networks. The FRITZ!Box’s practical tools help ensure it’s optimally aligned, and offers complete FRITZ! convenience for your home network.

FritzBox 6850 5G

High speeds with 5G

The FRITZ! Box 6850 5G supplies your home network with high-speed internet based on the latest 5G mobile communications standard. Fast downloads and lag-free streaming are now possible wirelessly. You can use your FRITZ!Box 6850 5G as a gateway to the internet at multiple locations, for example at home, in the office or in your holiday home.

The FRITZ!Box 6850 5G is future-proofed for all mobile communications networks. In addition to 5G and LTE (4G), it also supports UMTS/HSPA+ (3G).

Find the optimal position for the best signal

Finding the ideal spot for the best mobile reception is easy with the FRITZ!Box 6850 5G. Start the clever alignment aid in the user interface and your FRITZ!Box will help you find the optimal position for the best signal.

Mesh Wi-Fi with FRITZ!

The FRITZ!Box 6850 5G supports Mesh Wi-Fi, meaning your videos, music and photos seamlessly reach every corner of your home, apartment or office. How does it work? The FRITZ! devices work together as part of a single network, communicating with each other and optimizing wireless devices and network usage.

With Mesh you enjoy high speeds while surfing, streaming or gaming. Breathtaking HD TV and your favorite music will now wait for you – and not the other way around.

FRITZ!Box convenience features

The FRITZ!Box 6850 5G has all the familiar FRITZ!Box advantages. Add a printer to your home network or use an external hard drive for FRITZ!NAS, the practical network storage that lets you share your documents and pictures with friends and family.

The built-in telephone system with a DECT base station supports up to six cordless telephones and one analogue telephone. Convenience features such as contact sync and HD telephony for crystal-clear voice transmission ensure maximum telephony fun.

Alongside FRITZ! Smart Home products, the FRITZ!Box 6850 5G also supports a wide range of devices with HAN FUN wireless technology and DECT ULE from other manufacturers.

FRITZ!Box for safety’s sake

The security concept covers all FRITZ!Box areas: secure browsing thanks to the built-in firewall, Wi-Fi protected with an individual network key upon delivery, and guest access that lets friends and family access the internet but not your home network – these and many other features help secure your communications.

FRITZ!OS: The genius behind FRITZ!

FRITZ!OS is the smart operating system for all FRITZ! products. It combines ease-of-use with versatile features and comprehensive security. A clear user interface and wizards accompany you every step of the way. Regular updates keep your FRITZ!Box up to date – you can also turn on automatic updates.



High-speed internet with 5G

5G, the latest mobile communications standard, brings high-speed internet with gigabit-fast downloads and lag-free streaming. The FRITZ!Box is ready to use in 5G mobile networks and supports 4G (LTE) and 3G (UMTS/HSPA+).

At home anywhere with MyFRITZ!

With MyFRITZ! from AVM, benefit from secure and convenient access to your FRITZ!Box from anywhere in the world. Retrieve files stored in FRITZ!NAS, view your recent call list and listen to messages left on your answering machine. With MyFRITZ!App, you can even access your FRITZ!Box remotely using your smartphone or tablet.

Peace of mind

FRITZ!Box offers comprehensive protection against attacks. The preconfigured firewall, filter functions, and ex works Wi-Fi encryption ensure secure connections. Parental controls and guest Internet access are, of course, included free of charge.

Encrypted communication via VPN

Thanks to the recognized industry standard IPsec, you can establish a virtual private network to connect with your FRITZ!Box or company network. The settings can be configured on your FRITZ!Box and transferred to smartphones, tablets, and computers.

Ready for the future with IPv6

In addition to IPv4, FRITZ!Box supports the IPv6 Internet protocol. IPv6 makes existing services more convenient and simplifies a host of new applications, so you can rest assured that you’re ready for the latest technologies.

Mesh Wi-Fi with FRITZ!

With FRITZ! your Wi-Fi grows to whatever size you need at the touch of a button. Combine FRITZ!Box with the intelligent FRITZ!Repeaters and FRITZ!Powerline to adjust your home network to your individual needs and enjoy full Mesh convenience with FRITZ!.

Dual-band Wi-Fi 5 + 4

The FRITZ!Box uses Wi-Fi 5 in the 5-GHz band and transmits data with up to 866 Mbit/s. At the same time it uses Wi-Fi 4 with up to 450 Mbit/s in the 2.4-GHz band. The smart auto channel search helps you find the optimum frequency channel.

Wi-Fi guest access

Offer your guests simple Internet access. The guest access has its own network key and name. It’s possible establish a welcome page for customers in cafés or guests at home. Visitors have no access to the home network, so your data stays private.

FRITZ!Box as a private hotspot

When using your FRITZ!Box as a hotspot, you can restrict Internet usage to surfing and e-mail. You have a usage log, while your guests benefit from an integrated QR code that makes it easy for them to connect to the Internet.

Complete Wi-Fi control

Wi-Fi on or off? You can either leave it completely to the automated Wi-Fi night service or take care of it yourself using the “WLAN” button on your FRITZ!Box. Alternatively, you can use FRITZ!Fon as a convenient remote control.

Secure ex works

Every FRITZ!Box is delivered with its own network key to protect your network from unauthorized access. All Wi-Fi networks including guest access can be secured with their own unique key.

Connected in a flash

With Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) you can connect new wireless devices in an instant. Simply press the WPS or WLAN button on the FRITZ!Box and the new device – and it will be securely and automatically registered with the network. – everything made easy

FRITZ!OS is the FRITZ!Box operating system and can be easily controlled via your browser. User-friendly menus, easy-to-understand wizards, and the optional advanced mode come in handy in all scenarios.

Free updates

FRITZ!OS undergoes constant development for even more convenience and performance. The latest developments are available for to download for free, either manually or via auto-update. This way, your FRITZ!Box is always up to date.

Media server for great entertainment

The FRITZ!Box manages all connected USB storage devices and makes their contents available throughout the network. The media server lets users enjoy music, photos, and videos on network-enabled playback devices.

FRITZ!Apps for iOS and Android

The practical FRITZ!Apps offer a wealth of exciting features for smartphones and tablets. Use these free apps for increased convenience when you’re on the go.

Smart Home with FRITZ!

FRITZ!OS gives you complete control of your Smart Home devices. Switch connected devices on/off with the FRITZ!DECT 200, automatically or scheduled as well. The FRITZ!DECT 301 manages the room temperature automatically and precisely. The FRITZ!DECT 500 provides the perfect light for any moment of the day, including color and dimming, while the FRITZ!DECT 440 four-way smart switch is the perfect remote control for your Smart Home.

Maximum energy efficiency

The FRITZBox 6850 5G Router is all about intelligent energy management. For example, it automatically reduces the Wi-Fi transmitter power when all devices are logged off. This saves both energy and money.



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