Huawei B818-263 4G Router – CAT19 LTE Modem (1.6Gb/s) with Ethernet and WiFi


Huawei B818-263 4G Router

CAT19 LTE 4G Modem 1.6Gb/s download speed for hardware

2 x GB Ethernet Ports


2 x Antenna connection ports for external Huawei 4G Antenna / MiMo 4G Antenna


The Huawei B818-263 LTE 4G Router has an embedded CAT19 LTE 4G Modem with download speeds up to 1.6Gb/s, but obviously this kind of download speed is going to depend upon your choice of 4G mobile network, distance to 4G basestation, 4G network congestion and 4G throttling by the networks (of course UK 4G mobile providers don’t throttle their mobile broadband service we are told!).

So – all you need to do with the Huawei B818-263 router when you get it, is to unbox it, insert your 4G SIM card and connect the power and it should automatically connect to your 4G service without any configuration.  You can then connect your PC with an Ethernet cable via one of the two Gigabit Ethernet Ports or connect via WiFi using the secure password written on the base of the router and  you can enjoy high speed 4G Internet.

In our tests with three mobile and EE we got 18Mbps download with 3mobile SIM and 84Mbps download with our EE SIM, and the EE and Three base stations are a fairly similar distance away from us, but we always find EE the fastest, but if course EE dont provide any unlimited 4G data plans!

The Huawei B818-263 CAT19 LTE 4G Router is simple to use, cost effective and very reliable with very few 4G service dropouts and just needs the occasional reboot when this happens.


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