Proroute H685t-w-P2 Compact Industrial 4G Router with POE+ (1 x POE+ Output plus 1 x LAN//WAN (Non POE) and WiFi

Proroute H685T-W-P2

Compact 4G Router with single POE+ output

Available February 2024

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Introducing the Proroute H685T-W-P2: The Industrial 4G Router with PoE+ for Seamless Network Integration

In today’s connected world, reliable and secure internet connectivity is paramount for a wide range of applications, from industrial automation and remote monitoring to fleet management and data transmission. The Proroute H685T-W-P2 stands as a robust solution, catering to the needs of businesses and organizations seeking a powerful and versatile 4G router equipped with POE+ functionality.

Unparalleled Convenience with PoE+

The Proroute H685T-W-P2 boasts a built-in POE+ port (LAN 1), enabling you to power connected devices directly via Ethernet cabling. This eliminates the need for separate power adapters, streamlining installation and reducing clutter. Whether you’re powering an IP camera, access point, or any other PoE-compliant device, the H685T-W-P2 effortlessly integrates them into your network without the hassle of additional power sources.

Dedicated LAN/WAN Ports for Flexibility

Beyond its PoE+ capability, the H685T-W-P2 features an additional LAN/WAN ports, offering exceptional flexibility in network configuration.  This second Ethernet port serves as a standard LAN or WAN connection point. This allows you to connect multiple devices to your network while maintaining a centralized management point with the router’s web-based interface.

Unleashing the Power of 4G

Powered by a CAT4 modem, the H685T-W-P2 delivers reliable, medium speed data speeds, suitable for most M2M applications, enabling seamless data transfer and uninterrupted connectivity. With its 802.11n Wi-Fi capability, you can create a robust wireless network to support a wide range of devices, from laptops and tablets to smartphones and IoT (Internet of Things) sensors.

Security Hardened for Unwavering Protection

The H685T-W-P2 prioritizes network security with a hardened firewall and secure operating system. This robust combination safeguards your data from unauthorized access, ensuring that your sensitive information remains protected from cyber threats.

Applications Unbound: A Versatile Solution for Diverse Needs

The Proroute H685T-W-P2 finds its applications in a myriad of scenarios, catering to the unique needs of diverse industries and businesses. Here are just a few examples:

  • Industrial Automation: Connect and manage industrial IoT devices, sensors, and actuators for remote monitoring and control.

  • Fleet Management: Facilitate seamless communication and data sharing among fleet vehicles, ensuring efficient operations.

  • Remote Monitoring and Data Transmission: Relay real-time data and insights from remote locations, enabling proactive decision-making.

  • Emergency Response Systems: Ensure continuous connectivity for critical communication and data exchange during emergencies.

  • PoE-Powered Devices: Power and manage a range of PoE-compliant devices, including IP cameras, access points, and VoIP equipment.

The Proroute H685T-W-P2 empowers businesses and organizations to harness the transformative power of 4G connectivity, enabling seamless data exchange, remote management, and unwavering security. Its versatility, coupled with its PoE+ functionality, makes it an ideal solution for a wide range of applications, from industrial automation to remote monitoring and fleet management. Embrace the future of connected operations with the Proroute H685T-W-P2.


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