Teltonika 5G Router for M2M Internet Connectivity


Teltonika 5G Router

Embedded 5G Modem

High speed Ethernet and WiFi

Reliable and secure 5G Internet service

Ideal for M2M applications eg. 5G CCTV Internet connectivity or for office 5G or homeworker 5G Internet connectivity.


The Teltonika 5G Router builds upon the successful range of RUT950 and RUT955 4G Routers and provides a new high speed router with embedded 5G modem.

Compatible with Teltonika RMS platform and supplied with Gigabit Ethernet Ports and dual band WiFi (2.4Ghz and 5.0Ghz 802.11 AC/N/B/G) the new M2M 5G Router will provide a high speed 5G Internet service ideal for M2M applications for remote monitoring and management including 5G CCTV Internet access.  The 5G M2M Industrial grade router range will also include a 5G VPN router ideal for high speed office 5G Internet and 5G homeworking solutions.

The new 5G Mobile Broadband Internet router range will deliver a high speed 5G Internet service and these industrial grade routers will ensure a reliable connection and high speed LAN delivery to connected devices.

This 5G router from Teltonika will be ideal to provide a high speed 5G mobile broadband Internet connection for use with a 5G CCTV solution or for providing rural 5G Internet services.

If using a 5G Router for remote access then we recommend using a 5G Fixed IP SIM Card.

The Teltonika 5G Router will be available in 2021 and has a guide price of £525 each.



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