Westermo GW2304W-PE4-2S-2DI2O-QFR LTE 4G Router with POE Ports

Industrial PoE+ LTE Router

  • 4 x 100/1000 Mbit/s, PoE+, RJ-45
  • 2 x Digital input
  • 2 x Relay contact output
  • 2 x Micro SIM card slot
  • 2 x Serial port configurable as RS232 or RS485, RJ-45
  • 1 x GPS SMA female antenna connector



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The Virtual Access GW2304W Series router has been designed for remote access applications in the harshest of environments, such as unmanned roadside cabinets, railway trackside and pole-top smart grid applications over 4G. The PoE+ capability supplies up to 60W of power across the 4 Ethernet ports to power cameras with PTZ or other PoE devices. Serial ports and digital I/O options make this a very versatile device for many industrial applications.

GbE Ethernet Ports
The GW2300 Series router supports up to four 10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet interfaces. They can be configured as a single interface with Ethernet switching between them or as separate router interfaces.

The GW2304W Series supports up to four PoE ports with a total budget of 60W. The power management can allocate all the power to 2 ports for POE+ applications or spread the available power across all 4 ports depending on the power class of the connected device.

GPS Receiver
The GW2304W Series router includes a GPS receiver for positioning information, such as vehicle position in open cast mines or other application where knowing the position of the router is important. The GPS socket has a DC voltage to power an active GPS antenna.

SMS Management
The GW2304W Series router also supports SMS, so if the packet switched side of the network is down, commands can be sent to the router to perform diagnostics or even a reboot.

Ingress Protection
The GW2300 has been designed with rubber seals around each connector, providing an IP40 ingress protection rating.

Automatic Failover
The GW2304W can be configured to use any interface as a WAN connection. The management of the GW2304W is able to fall backwards and forwards between media interface depending on the availability.

DIN Rail Mounting
A DIN rail clip is included, which enables simple mounting for industrial applications. Optional rubber feet can be supplied for table mounting.

Centralised Management and Monitoring
The GW2304W Series router benefits from Activator, Virtual Access’ centralised configuration management and monitoring system. Activator simplifies and automates deployment, management and support tasks in managed network environments.


✔ Powerful rugged 4G (LTE) router with PoE

• Wide LTE band coverage APAC & EMEA
• PoE & PoE+ support
• IP-54 housing

✔ High availability Cellular connectivity

• Continuous testing of the connection to the cellular network
• Configurable roaming functions
• Dual SIM cards

✔ VPN and security

• IPsec, SSL (Open VPN) and DMVPN
• IIKE V2, SHA 2, TLS 1.2, AES 256 & DH 8192
• IX.509 and SCEP certificate handling

✔ Routing and Firewall

• Inbuilt inspect state firewall
• OSPF, Rip and BGPv4

Part Number : GW2304W-PE4-2S-2DI2O-QFR


The Engineering Marvel of Virtual Access GW2304W

In the dynamic realm of engineering, the Virtual Access GW2304W emerges as a beacon of innovation, tailored to meet the intricate demands of reliable connectivity and power distribution. Engineers, brace yourselves for a gateway that not only redefines networking but also enhances operational efficiency with its unique features.

Reliable 4G Connectivity for Uninterrupted Operations

Engineered with precision, the Virtual Access GW2304W boasts robust 4G connectivity, ensuring a seamless flow of data critical to engineering applications. Whether engaged in remote monitoring, data acquisition, or field testing, the gateway’s steadfast 4G capabilities guarantee uninterrupted data transmission, vital for real-time decision-making in engineering scenarios.

Power over Ethernet (PoE) Ports: Empowering Devices with Simplicity

For engineers seeking simplicity and efficiency, the Virtual Access GW2304W is equipped with Power over Ethernet (PoE) ports. These ports provide not just data but also power to connected devices, eliminating the need for separate power sources. Picture deploying sensors, cameras, or control devices in challenging environments without the hassle of running additional power cables – the GW2304W streamlines operations by powering devices directly through the Ethernet cable.

Applications in the Field: Where Engineering Meets Connectivity

  1. Remote Monitoring Stations: Deploy GW2304W in remote monitoring stations where reliable 4G connectivity is crucial for real-time data retrieval. Powering sensors and cameras through PoE simplifies installation and maintenance.
  2. Industrial IoT (IIoT) Deployments: In industrial settings, the GW2304W shines by facilitating secure and continuous connectivity for IIoT devices. PoE ports power sensors, actuators, and cameras, ensuring seamless integration into existing systems.
  3. Smart Grids and Energy Management: Ensure the reliability of energy management systems by utilizing the GW2304W in smart grids. PoE ports power sensors and communication devices, offering a resilient infrastructure for monitoring and control.
  4. Environmental Monitoring in Remote Locations: For environmental engineers, the GW2304W provides a lifeline in remote areas where 4G connectivity and PoE-powered sensors enable real-time monitoring of environmental conditions.

Elevate Engineering Connectivity with Virtual Access GW2304W

In the realm of engineering, where precision and reliability are non-negotiable, the Virtual Access GW2304W stands tall as an engineering marvel. From ensuring constant 4G connectivity for critical data transmission to simplifying device deployments with PoE, this gateway aligns seamlessly with the demands of the engineering landscape.  Combined with a Roaming IoT SIM Card to provide network resilience, this 4G router with POE is one of the best ways to utilise the power of cellular communication.

Invest in the Virtual Access GW2304W today and elevate your engineering operations to new heights. Unleash the power of reliable connectivity and streamlined device deployment – because in engineering, every connection matters.



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