Teltonika TCR100 4G Router

Teltonika TCR100 4G Router

Teltonika, a leading manufacturer of M2M, Industrial 4G Routers have announced the launch of the Teltonika TCR100 4G Router.  An industrial grade 4G router for the home and office user.

Using the advanced hardware and software features of the popular Teltonika 4G router range, the TCR100 4G router provides homes and businesses with a reliable, secure and highly functional LTE router to cater for the majority of business and home 4G Internet connection needs.

Teltonika TCR100 4G Router

Why Did Teltonika Launch The TCR100 4G Router

Teltonika 4G routers have been popular with business installers who have used these Industrial 4G routers for remote monitoring and management applications for years.  As such there are many UK online retailers that offer 4G and 5G routers who also include the Teltonika Industrial 4G router range eg. RUT950, RUT955 and RUT240.  These M2M 4G routers were purchased by businesses that typically used them with Fixed IP SIM Cards to enable remote access to CCTV systems, payment machines, parking ticket machines, digital signage / remote media, vending machines, wind and solar energy monitoring, exhibitions and events and PDQ payment terminals.  The reason that Industrial 4G routers from manufacturers like Teltonika and Proroute were popular is because they would have features like ping reboot / CELL ICMP Check that could be configured to ensure that if the router was disconnected by the 4G network, it could reboot and re-establish the 4G connection.  Industrial 4G routers also had other resilience options such as scheduled reboot and SIM failover.  These features were required because in many cases the routers were not easily accessible and the normal process if a router got disconnected from the 4G network was to simply power it off and on.

For home and business 4G routers, if they got disconnected then it could simple be powered off and on and would reconnect to the 4G network.  Because Industrial 4G routers were seen by consumers as a better, tougher and more reliable solution compared to traditional home 4G routers then many business users and home owners started to purchase RUT240 routers and RUT950 routers only to find them slower than their existing 4G routers.  This is because many M2M applications and Industrial 4G routers had CAT4 LTE modems which are generally slower than the 4G router models offered to consumers.  The traditional M2M routers would also just have slower WiFi and Slower Ethernet ports.

Teltonika decided to address this by offering the TCR100 4G Router to the market which has an upgraded CAT6 LTE 4G modem, Gigabit Ethernet Ports and high speed, dual band WiFi (802.11AC).  All of this in a rugged casing and simple LED indicators showing signal strength, WiFi enabled and Internet connected.

Is the Teltonika TCR100 4G Router just for consumers?

Whilst Teltonika have targeted the TCR100 router at consumers, the simple fact is that they have actually manufactured a high spec replacement for their RUT240 router.  Although bigger in size, the TCR100 router has all the same features as the RUT240, but a faster chipset, faster 4G modem, Faster, dual band WiFi and of course 2 x Gigabit Ethernet ports.  All of this with the benefit of using the same RUTOS as all the other Teltonika industrial 4G routers including the RUT950, RUT951, RUT955, RUT956, RUT240 and RUT241.

We suspect that many existing users of the RUT240 4G router would be tempted to switch to the Teltonika TCR100 4G Router as long as they could use the larger sized unit. 

How Much Is The Teltonika TCR100?

The Teltonika TCR100 4G Router has an RRP of £125.00 + VAT and will be available sometime during the Summer of 2022 subject to availability of components due to the worldwide situation in regard to computer components.

Can I use External 4G Antennas with the Teltonika TCR100 4G Router?

Yes – the TCR100 router is supplied with detachable, elbow joint stick antennas which have SMA connectors.  These can easily be replaced with different 4G antennas.  For example, if you have installed the TCR100 router indoors where there is a poor 4G signal, but there is a much better signal outdoors, you could connect a high gain, outdoor MiMo 4G antenna like the Fullband MIMORAD 4G Antenna.  The antenna will receive the stronger 4G network signal and deliver it along the twin cables to the router.  Another example may be when the Teltonika TCR100 router is used on a canal barge and the metal hull of the barge restricts the signal.  The TCR100 has internal WiFi antennas so there is no option to add WiFi antennas but you could connect a MESH WiFi solution to one of the TCR100 Ethernet ports and build a long range WiFi solution or use WiFi repeaters.

Teltonika TCR100 Quick Start Video Guide

This video guide demonstrates the TCR100 RUTOS operating system and shows how to make basic configuration changes including configuring the APN manually, changing WiFi SSID and password as well as other basic settings.  It also shows how to configure port forwarding which can only be done if using a Fixed IP SIM Card.

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