Teltonika Teams Up With MEZON To Accelerate 5G Router Development

Teltonika 5G Basestation

Teltonika Teams Up With MEZON To Accelerate 5G Router Development

Technology is developing at unprecedented rates. Evolving devices and applications require ever-increasing speeds, more throughput, and better overall performance. The cellular networks have improved incredibly since emerging in the 80s, offering more capabilities with every new generation. Interestingly, although introduced quite recently, the 4G networks are already challenged to meet some of the requirements for the latest data-heavy advanced applications, such as Augmented Reality, autonomous cars, or other bandwidth-hungry IoT solutions. Hence, 5G becomes an inevitable next step of this evolution, representing a step-change in performance over 4G to meet the needs of growing device numbers in IoT ecosystems and facilitating nearly real-time response rates.


Last spring, we announced we were designing our first 5G products. Although the launch had to be postponed for a while due to the global pandemic and chip shortage crisis, we are excited that the newly established cooperation with Mezon* will enable us to accelerate this process.

 Thanks to the courtesy of Mezon, now we have a 5G base station right inside the Teltonika Networks Kaunas office. Having an in-house base station dedicated just to our needs is a massive advantage, enabling our engineers to test the devices in real-life conditions whenever they require it. Besides, using Mezon’s network allows us to use multiple bands and build a global product that will work without problems across different countries and with various operators.

Teltonika 5G Basestation

Mantas Čižauskas, Head of R&D at Teltonika Networks, commented on the partnership and recent developments: “Our engineers and developers are truly excited about this collaboration. Having a base station right here in our office means they can perform 5G tests whenever they need to, which ensures much faster progress and significantly reduces time to market. It is quite unique to have a base station that is dedicated just for us and opens up so much more possibilities in developing our 5G devices.”

“Even the most cutting-edge network requires the best devices used by clients. Technology serves the people in making their lives a little bit easier every day. Teltonika Networks is the top expert in the field of cellular devices, therefore it is one of our focal partners not only for Mezon but for the entire Bitė Group. Our partnership is important to us in our quest to disrupt the fixed internet sector”, Darius Martusevičius, Network Director and Mezon, part of the BITĖ Group, says.

Network evolution brings innovation in the technology field, and technological advancements call for developing ever more capable networks. The age of data and digitalization has inevitably impacted the industry, culture, and our daily operations. These continuous advancements afforded humanity lives as efficient and convenient as ever, and mobile infrastructure has become an essential pillar in this transition. Strategic collaborations between connectivity providers and networking device manufacturers are vital in driving this digital transformation. Therefore, we are incredibly excited about this partnership with Mezon, which we are sure will bring even more value and exciting news to our users in the near future.

Teltonika 5G Router development is high on our list of priorities with a quick move to 5G, the industry has realised the potential for low latency, high speed connections on both 5G and the 4G+ networks and the built-in futureproofing offered by Teltonika 5G routers in large scale deployments.

About Mezon*:

Mezon is the first connectivity provider to offer 5G for public use in Lithuania. Mezon is a subsidiary of Bitė – a leading telecommunications company providing integrated mobile network, data transmission, internet, and smart TV services.

Press Release  by Teltonika Networks – Relates to Teltonika 5G Router Launch

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