View the Teltonika 4G Router range. Teltonika are a leading manufacturer of Industrial 4G routers for a variety of M2M remote monitoring and management applications including CCTV, digital signage / remote media, vending machines, pay machines, parking CCTV and Parking Payment as well as energy monitoring (wind and solar) and traffic management.  Whatever type of situation that needs a robust, reliable and secure 4G mobile broadband connection, there will be a Teltonika 4G router to meet your needs.

Teltonika RUT240


Teltonika RUT240 is the entry level 4G router providing a single SIM 4G router with 2 x Ethernet Ports and WiFi.

The RUT240 is a compact device that uses an embedded CAT4 LTE 4G Modem to provide 4G Internet and when used with a Fixed IP SIM card can provide easy remote access and monitoring for applications requiring a simple, low cost 4G router.  The RUT240 is compatible with Teltonika RMS platform and has optional accessories such as DIN rail mounting kits.

Teltonika TCR100


Teltonika TCR100 4G Router is the new Industrial 4G Router designed for the home and office user.  TCR100 (Teltonika Consumer Router 100) provides high speed CAT6 LTE 4G connection speeds up to 300Mbps Download and delivers the 4G Internet to users on the LAN via Gigabit Ethernet Ports and dual band WiFi (802.11AC)