What is a TS9 Connector?


A TS9 Connection is commonly used on cellular mobile devices such as 4G routers, 5G routers and modems.  They are usually used to provide antenna connections.

For example the Netgear Nighthawk M5 5G WiFi hotspot has 2 TS-9 connections for use with an external 5G antenna.  So when purchasing a 5G antenna you would need TS9 connections on your antenna or would require TS9 adapters if using an antenna with a different connection such as SMA.

What is the difference between TS9, CRC9 and SMA antenna connectors.


TS9 CRC9 SMA antenna connectors

SMA Antenna connectors will have a screw fitting and are the most common antenna connection type for 4G and 5G Routers.

CRC9 and TS9 are more common on 4G/5G modems and smaller home / consumer routers such as the Huawai, ZTE and Netgear routers.

CRC9 is less commonly used that TS9 Connectors and most modern routers will use the TS9 connector.  

The TS-9 is 3.5mm wide whilst the CRC9 is 3mm wide so when trying to decide which is a TS9 or CRC9 connection the first indication will be the size.  The TS9 is bigger than the CRC9.

In may case you might need to use a TS9 adapter.  This is usually the case when you have purchased a 4G or 5G antenna with an SMA Male connector as these are the most common types of connections on pre-terminated 5G / 4G antennas.

You can buy single unit adapters or fly lead / tail lead TS-9 adapters.  The type of adapter you buy will depend upon the physical restraints of the router you are connecting to – for example a small block connector might not easily fit into the router antenna connection space.

TS9-SMA Fly Lead Adapter

TS9 To SMA Fly Lead / Tail Lead adapter

TS9-SMA Single Pice Adapter

TS9 to SMA Female single piece adapter

BUY TS9 to SMA Adapters online.

You can purchase your SMA to TS9 adapters from our online store.  We are based in the UK and can ship the same day for orders received by 3:00PM

You can also order a 4G or 5G Antenna from the 5G Store.  All of our antennas have SMA Male connectors so if you need an antenna for a 4G or 5G router that has TS9 antenna connectors then you will need to remember to purchase a suitable TS-9 to SMA adapter.

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