Unlimited Data Fixed IP SIM Card

Unlimited Data Fixed IP SIM Card

Unlimited Data Fixed IP SIM Card

Unlimited Fixed IP SIM

We are often asked “Is there an unlimited Fixed IP SIM Card?” and the quick answer is no.  Many customers looking for a Fixed IP SIM card with unlimited data need the reassurance that they will not go over their inclusive data allowance and be liable for excessive overage charges.

Many Fixed IP SIM Card data plans will usually only offer smaller amounts of inclusive data per month and overage charges are around £15.00 per GB.  A typical 10GB per month plan with a public, fixed IP address will cost around £35.00 per month, but if you go over by 10GB in that month then you end up paying an extra £150.00.

Even the newly advertised unlimited data fixed IP SIM cards will usually have a fair use policy which means that you cannot use more than 500GB or 650GB of data per month and may find the SIM card is capped or cancelled if you use more than your fair use.  So make sure you check your unlimited SIM contract carefully to ensure you know the terms of your fair usage.

Unlimited Fixed IP SIM


How to avoid paying overage charges or getting bill shock when using Fixed IP SIM Cards.

Many M2M routers, such as the Teltonika RUT950 4G Router or the Robustel R5020 5G Router include features where they can measure the amount of data used in a month and when the data limit is reached the router will disconnect from the 4G or 5G network until the start of the next month when it will reconnect and start measuring the amount of data used.  Whilst this may seem like a great solution to the problem of paying excessive overage charges on your SIM card data plan, it will mean that for portions of the month your router will not be contactable.  In many cases this is not acceptable, because the reason for installing the 4G router in the first place was to provide Internet access for remote monitoring and management.

Another option if to have the data usage monitored by the Fixed IP card provider and disconnecting the SIM card when the limit is reached, but again this means your router 4G / 5G router and connected devices are unavailable, but in this scenario the customer can make a choice to re-activate the SIM card via the SIM card management portal and consciously make the decision to pay the overage charges.  In the case of our data plans you can have bolt-on data packages that you can apply to the SIM card which can be backdated to cover overage periods to help manage your costs or we can supply a pool of data that can be shared by your multiple SIM cards to cover overage.  This helps manage your overage costs issues so you can budget for your SIM card spending properly.

Is there an unlimited Fixed IP SIM Card alternative?

Yes there is.  We can supply a 4G remote access solution comprising of a 4G router, an unlimited data SIM card (not a fixed IP SIM) and a monthly rental to a management portal.  This will allow your router to have an unlimited data plan (in fact it is called unlimited but like most unlimited data plans for any type of Internet service is has a fair use policy of 500GB per month which is quite a lot).  In order to connect to your 4G router you first need to log into the portal, and via the portal you can access the router web admin, and even connect to the attached devices.  This unlimited SIM remote access solution provides a cost effective way to provide a 4G connection with a low cost for a large amount of monthly data use and enables remote access to your 4G router and connected devices.  This solution is an SD-WAN solution.

Fixed IP SIM With Multiple IP Addresses.

We are able to provide unlimited data fixed IP SIM cards with either one or four public IP addresses.  The standard price for the unlimited fixed IP SIM includes a single public IP address.  If you want multiple public IP addresses on your SIM card then there is an option to increase to 4 public IP addresses for an additional monthly charge. 

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