4×4 MiMo 5G Antennas

Buy 5G Antennas with 4x4 MiMo for your 5G Routers Here.

Our best selling 4×4 MiMo 5G Antennas are available for next working day delivery to mainland UK.  Many users of 5G routers that have external antenna connectors will choos to buy and install an outdoor 5G antenna.  The reason for this is usually to boost the 5G signal as it is commonly assumed that the router will get a better 5G signal and therefore get a boosted download and upload speed.

Before buying a 5G antenna, especially if you have not made any tests and just assume that all 5G antennas will just boost your 5G speeds then please read below.

Do I need an external 5G antenna?

The quickest way to determine whether an outdoor 5G antenna will help improve signal reception and give that all importand boost to download and upload speeds is to test your router indoors and then take it outdoors where you are thinking of installing your antenna and test it there using the routers internal or supplied antennas.  If you get a significant improvement in signal strength and a big boost to your 5G speeds then this is a brilliant example of using an outdoor 5G antenna.

If your signal strength and download speeds are only marginally improved then it probably is not worth getting an outdoor antenna.  The antenna will receive the same signal strength as your antennas supplied with your router and this signal now has to pass along 5m or longer of antenna cable so by the time the signal reaches your router it may in fact, have a lower signal strength than your router located indoors with the built-in antennas.