FourFaith F-G100 5G Intelligent Gateway

The F-G100 is an IoT wireless intelligent gateway that provides users with wireless long-distance big data transmission using a public 3G/4G/5G network. The product uses a high-performance industrial-grade 32-bit communication processor and industrial-grade wireless modules with an embedded real-time operating system as a software platform. It provides 1x RS232, 5x RS485, 4x Ethernet LANs, and 1x WAN. The intelligent gateway can be connected to multiple manufacturers’ IoT platform SCADA systems. It can connect intelligent devices such as smart meters and PLCs through RS232/RS485/Ethernet ports. Its main function is to process uplink and downlink information and complete the forwarding and passing of different protocols. The MQTT way connects to the Internet of Things platform.



  • Support multiple WAN connections, including static IP,DHCP,PPPOE,3G/UMTS/4G/LTE,dhcp-4G
  • Support 3G/4G and wired WAN dual link intelligent switching backup function (optional)
  • WIFI support 802.11b/g/n/ac, support WIFI AP, Client, repeater, relay bridge and other working modes (optional)
  • Support multi-channel DHCP server and DHCP client, DHCP bundled MAC address, DDNS,firewall, NAT, DMZ host, QoS, traffic statistics, real-time display data transmission rate
  • Connect to the four letter cloud service, access the cloud platform through the web, and realize remote management
  • Maintenance channel: After the maintenance personnel run the client on the portable PC, they can directly maintain the field device remotely
  • Local storage support flash memory, TF card (select one for TF card and USB application)

F-G100 5G Intelligent Gateway


F-G100 Topology

F-G100 Topology


Wireless Specification

  • Module: Industrial wireless module
  • Standard and frequency: Supports FDD LTE: Band 1/3/5/8, band 2/4/5/13/17/25 (optional); Supports CDMA 1XRTT/EVDO 800/1900 MHz
  • Theoretical bandwidth: FDD LTE: Cat-12 (downlink 600 Mbps, uplink 150 Mbps); Cat-6 (downlink 300 Mbps, uplink 50 Mbps): Cat-4 (downlink 150 Mbps, uplink 50 Mbps); CDMA2000 1X EVDO Rev A (downlink 3.1 Mbps, uplink 1.8 Mbps); WCDMA (downlink 42 Mbps, uplink 5.76 Mbps); TD-SCDMA (downlink 4.2 Mbps, uplink 2.2 Mbps)
  • Transmit power: <23 dBm
  • Receiving sensitivity: <-93.3 dBm

WiFi Specification

  • Standard and frequency: Supports IEEE 802.11b/g/n, 2.4G, 2×2 MIMO, AP mode, Station mode (optional); Supports IEEE 802.11ac, 5.8G, 2×2 MIMO, AP mode, Station mode (optional)
  • Theoretical bandwidth: IEEE 802.11b/g: Max. speed 108 Mbps; IEEE 802.11n: Max. speed 300 Mbps; IEEE 802.11ac: Max. speed 780 Mbps
  • Security: Supports WEP, WPA, WPA2, WPS optional
  • Transmit power: 26 dBm (11b), 21.5 dBm (11g), 20 dBm (11n), 16 dBm (11ac)
  • Receiving sensitivity: <-72 dBm (at) 54 Mpbs

Hardware System

  • CPU: Industrial 32-bit communication processor
  • Flash: 32 MB
  • DDR3: 512 MB
  • TF: 8 GB/32 GB, optional


  • WAN interface: 1x 10/100/1000M Ethernet (RJ45), adaptive MDI/MDIX, built-in 1.5 kV ESD protection
  • LAN interface: 4x 10/100/1000M Ethernet (RJ45), adaptive MDI/MDIX, built-in 1.5 kV ESD protection
  • Serial: 1x RS2325x RS485 (one shared with RS232 interface), built-in 1.5 kV ESD protection; Data bits: 5, 6, 7, 8; Stop bits: 1, 1.5 (optional), 2 bits; Check: no check, even check, odd check, SPACE (optional) and MARK check (optional); Serial port speed: 2400 ~ 115200 bits/s
  • Indicators: “PWR”, “SYS”, “WIFI”, “SIM”, “Online”,”Signal Strength”
  • I/O interface: 6-pin 3.5 mm terminal block; 2x DI, 1x DO, 1x relay; Input high level: 5 to 30 V DC; Input low level: 0 to 3 V DC; Load current: <50 mA (at) 30 V DC; Relay load: 1 A, 250 V AC/30 V DC
  • Antenna: Cellular: 2x standard SMA female antenna interfaces, characteristic impedance 50 Ohm; WiFi: 2x standard SMA male antenna interfaces, characteristic impedance 50 Ohm
  • SIM/UIM: Standard drawer-type user card interface, supports 1.8 V/3 V SIM/UIM card, built-in 15 kV ESD protection
  • Power: 2-pin terminal power socket with built-in reverse power protection
  • USB: Standard USB 3.0 interface, supports various USB storage
  • TF card: Standard bullet TF card interface, supports various TF cards
  • Reset button: Through this button, the parameter configuration of the smart gateway can be restored to the factory value

Power Supply

  • Standard: DC 12 V/1.5 A
  • Range: DC 9 ~ 36 V
  • Working current: 3G: <640 mA (12 V), 4G: <720 mA (12 V)
  • Standby current: 3G: <530 mA (12 V), 4G: <600 mA (12 V)

Physical properties

  • Shell: Metal case, protection class IP30
  • Size: 172 x 122 x 38 mm (excluding antennas and mounts)
  • Weight: 700 g


  • Operating temperature: -35°C ~ +75°C (-31°F ~ +167°F)
  • Storage temperature: -40°C ~ +85°C (-40°F ~ +185°F)
  • Relative humidity: 95% (no condensation)


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