5G Routers

5G Routers utilise the new high speed 5G Mobile Phone networks to provide a high speed 5G mobile broadband Internet connection.  Most 5G routers use embedded 5G modem technology which means the router has a SIM slot so you can simply insert your 5G SIM Card and the router can connect to the 5G network.  There are two main categories of 5G router, Business and M2M.  A Business 5G router would be used to provide 5G Internet for a small office or can be used as a home 5G router and a typical manufacturer would be Huawei for this type of 5G router.  An M2M 5G router, also referred to as an Industrial or IoT 5G router would typically be used for remote access and monitoring.  These M2M 5G routers would include features such as Ping Reboot / Cell ICMP check to ensure that if the router lost the 5G connection it could re-establish it without a site visit.  These types of features are needed where the 5G router is located at a remote site, because just like 3G and 4G mobile broadband connections, a 5G Mobile Internet connection is an always available service and not an always on service.  This means that devices, like a 5G router that is permanently connected to the 5G network may get disconnected by the mobile provider to enable a new device to connect to the 5G mast.

Manufacturers of Industrial Grade, M2M 5G Routers include Robustel, Teltonika, Cradlepoint, Sierra Wireless, Perle, Caimore, Wlink, Digi and Four Faith.

Teltonika 5G Basestation

Teltonika Teams Up With MEZON To Accelerate 5G Router Development

Technology is developing at unprecedented rates. Evolving devices and applications require ever-increasing speeds, more throughput, and better overall performance. The cellular networks have improved incredibly since emerging in the 80s, offering more capabilities with every new generation. Interestingly, although introduced quite recently, the 4G networks …

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