Wlink WL-G930 5G Router


Wlink WL-G930 is an industrial grade 5G router to provide reliable, high speed 5G mobile broadband internet for many remote management and monitoring applications as well as providing a solution for office 5G Internet or even homeworker 5G mobile broadband Internet.  Offering a reliable and secure embedded 5G router solution, the WL-G930 is the ideal choice.


WLINK WL-G930 is an Industrial 5G router offering Ultra speed, Reliable Low-Latency Communication.

5G represents the 5th generation mobile networks and it would replace 4G LTE mainly due to the prominence that the internet of things technology is going to get in the near future.

WLINK WL-G930 is an Industrial 5G router offering secure and reliable remote connectivity to deployed assets that utilize cellular carrier networks. The global version WL-G930 nearly covers all the main stream carriers worldwide, this gives customers the flexibility to choose from a host of carries that serve different location.

Ideal for harsh environments, the G930 5G router provide easy wireless communication for the M2M application including connected vehicles, immersive entertainment, cloud robotics, machine remote control, eHealth, SCADA servers, RTUs, PLCs, remote I/O and other Ethernet and serial connected devices such as security cameras or industrial sensors.

This 5G Router also targets IoT as new market segment including Embb (Enhanced Mobile Broadband), URLLC and FWA use cases. For instance, AR/VR requires both high bandwidths and extremely low latency, while most of automotive use cases only require low latency and high reliability.

The G930 5G router is extraordinary product – for every industry, every business and every experience. Explore how to monetize your 5G investment and capture the opportunities of this innovative era.

Wlink G930 5G Router


Incredible Speed

5G blazing fast Mobile Broadband Internet, delivering ground-breaking download speeds up to 4Gbps.


Low latency, increased capacity

Low Latency is a major advancement of 5G.

It basically means how long a data packet needs to travel from device or from mobile to server.

Massive MIMO can help boost link quality and reliability, and increase capacity w/o requiring more spectrum as well as superior energy efficiency.


Multi-network, Extensive Interfaces, Enabling Flexible Expansion

Support 5G NSA/SA, backward compatibility with LTE, WCDMA, GPRS, and GSM.

Multiple interfaces, including GE, RS-232, RS-485, and DI/DO. IP-based PLC communication, with support for IPv6, and plug-and-play terminals.


High-Quality, Industrial-Grade Design

Fan-free design, Robust housing and a wide operating temperature range (–40°C to 70°C).

Resilient against strong magnetic interference. Dual power supplies for redundancy, isolated input, and a wide voltage range (7.5 V DC to 60 V DC)


Secure and Reliable Network

Support robust security features, such as VPN tunnels, OpenVPN, NAT, port forwarding, a stateful firewall and packet filtering, data encryption, Access Control List (ACL) and provide secure, reliable communications.


Ultra Network
  • 5G N1/2/3/5/7/8/12/20/25/28/ 40/41/66/71/77/78/79
  • 4G LTE-A/LTE
Hardware System
  • MIPS Dual-core 880MHz
    256Mb Flash, 4Gb DDR3 RAM
    Hardware Watchdog
  • 5x Gigabit Ethernet (4x LAN, 1X LAN/1x WAN   Configurable
  • 2x SIM Slot
  • 8Pins Terminal block connector
  • 3x I/O, 1x RS232, 1xRS485
  • 1x DC(5.5mm)
  • 1x DC(4Pins plugs)
  • 2x SIM Slot
  • 6x SMA-K(Female) 5G Antenna Interface
  • 1x GPS Antenna Interface
  • 4x SMA-RP Wi-Fi Interface
GPS (Optional)
  • GPS Sensitivity: -160dBm
  • GPS Accuracy: 2.5m CEP
  • Update Rate: 1Hz@5Hz
  • Time to First Fix: Cold Status 27s, Hot status 1s
  • Protocol: NMEA-0183 2.3V
LED Indicators
  • Cellular
  • LAN
  • WLAN
  • IEEE 802.11 n/ac
  • Voltage: DC +7.5~32V (standard 12V/2A power   adapter)
  • SIM/R-UIM Card: 3V
  • Idle: 500mA@+12VDC
  • Online : 900mA@+12VDC
  • Galvanized metal with grounding Screw
  • Dimension: 179mm x 124mm x 43mm (not including antenna)
  • Weight: 610g (not including accessories)
  • Operation temperature: -30~+75℃
  • Store temperature: -40~+85℃
  • Related humidity: 0~95% (non-condensing)
  • Guarantee: one year
  • FCC
  • CE
  • RoHS
  • CCC
Package Content
  • 1x WL-G930 Router
  • 4x Wi-Fi antenna
  • 4x 5G Magnetic antenna
  • 1x Ethernet Cable
  • 1x Power Supply Adapter
  • WLINK OS based Linux
  • IP Filter
  • Mac Filter
  • Domain name Filter
Network Protocol
  • IPv4, IPv6 (Optional)
  • PPPoE
  • UPNP
  • SNMP
  • ICMP Check
  • Traffic Check
  • Traceroute
  • Data Capture
  • Bandwidth Graph
  • Data Traffic Graph
  • PPTP/L2T
  • PGRE
  • IPSec
  • OpenVPN
Network Features
  • 5G/WAN Failover
  • VLAN
  • Bandwidth Management
  • IP Passthrough / Port Redirection
  • Static/Dynamic routing
Router Management
  • Local/Remote GU
  • ITelnet/SSH
  • WLINK M2M Platform
  • Access Point
  • AP + WDS
  • Wireless Client
  • Wireless Ethernet Bridge
  • WDS
Wi-Fi Network
  • 2.4G
  • 5G
  • 2.4G&5G
WiFi Security
  • WEP
  • WPA Personal/Enterprise
  • WPA2 Personal/Enterprise
  • WPA/WPA2 Personal/Etnerprise
  • Radius


The G930 Industrial 5G Router is a great value solution when you need a high speed mobile broadband Internet connection and is ideally used with a 5G Fixed IP SIM Card.


The Wlink G930 router is also known as the C365-5GPRO-W and offered as a rebadged product from Comms365.  This router is compatible with all SIM cards including Fixed IP SIM cards from all UK Fixed IP SIM providers.


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