LMO6138 4G / 5G Antenna – MiMo – Peak Gain 4dBi

LMO6138 MiMo 5G Antenna


The LMO6138 MIMO Omni antenna is a dual polarised outdoor omni-directional antenna for 4G, LTE and 5G frequency bands. Operating from Band 71 from 617 MHz, the LMO6138 antenna works through the cellular bands including the 3400-3800 MHz band. Housed in a durable white ASA/PC radome, this antenna based on the very popular LMO platform and is usually supplied with a robust L-bracket for wall- or pole-mounting. Without the L-bracket, the LMO6138 can be through-hole mounted onto a non-metal surface.

For outdoor deployments, the LMO6138 MIMO omni antenna can be combined with RF195, RF240 or RF400 low loss coaxial cables for installations where the antenna cannot be easily installed close to 4G/5G router or modem.

Offering positive gain on all frequency bands, the LMO6138 is a proven performer despite its compact size and is ideal for Wireless Video/CCTV, leisure marine, wireless broadband access and many other applications.

Ideal for use with the Teltonika 5G Router and Robustel R5020 5G Router.


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