SD WAN PRO Bonded 4G/5G Internet

SD WAN PRO Bonded Internet

SD WAN PRO Bonded 4G/5G Internet

The SD WAN PRO service comprises an SD-WAN device that lets you connect multiple Internet connection services.  These can be made up of wired broadband services (ADSL/FTTC/TTTP/Ethernet WAN/Leased Line), Cellular Connections (4G Router, 5G Router) and other Internet services such as Satellite broadband.

The SDWAN Device then combines these different Internet services by creating a single tunnel over the Internet to the SD WAN PRO server which bonds together the Internet services and delivers them to the Internet as a single, bonded service with a single IPv4 IP Address.

The SD WAN PRO Service is available for a monthly rental which includes the SD-WAN device and the monthly service charge for the Bonding SD WAN PRO service to enable the solution to work.

Previously, the only alternative would be for a business, with multiple sites to provide branch locations with an SD-WAN device to combine the multiple Internet services and for the Head Office to provide the central SD-WAN service comprising the SD-WAN combiner and a large bandwidth Internet service to provide breakout to the Internet for all of the site offices.

The SD WAN PRO Service acts as the head office for the SDWANPRO devices and this service provides the bonding and Internet breakout for all the SD WAN Pro customers.


SD-WAN is an acronym for Software Defined Wide Area Networking

SD-WAN Pro is our  SD-WAN solution, which includes our SD-WAN Pro box with state-of-the-art bonding & failover technology plus a real-time online management platform.  This service is ideal for use with Proroute 4G and 5G Routers with many customers opting for the 500Mbps bonded 5G solution using the NR550 router combined with a wired Internet service to provide boosted Internet speeds with built-in 5G Failover.

Speedroute SD-WAN Pro can bond up to three internet legs achieving download/upload speeds ranging from 100Mbps to 500Mbps. We have  designed an easy to manage, high quality, affordable solution with no upfront cost enabling companies across the world to benefit from SD-WAN technology.

SD WAN For Bonded 5G

An SD-WAN box provides a secure, unbreakable internet connection by merging a variety of internet sources, including fixed line, cellular SIM card(s) and satellite. Each of these connections are referred to as a ‘leg’. When one or more of these legs are  merged the term is referred to as ‘bonding.’

SD WAN For 5G Failover / 5G Backup

An SD-WAN box enables failover internet connectivity and resilience. When the primary source of internet becomes unavailable, the SDWAN Pro box can connect, ethernet, multiple cellular (bonded or unbonded)  connections or satellite internet connectivity in its place, ensuring continued connection to the internet.

Wide Area Networking

Each SD-WAN box includes a fixed Public Static IPv4 address, ensuring that each connection will always be routed through the same address.  This functionality enables the creation of secure ‘wide area networks’ when multiple boxes are placed in separate locations .


Anyone that needs bonding, failover or wide area networking, that includes:

SDWAN PRO Applications

SPEEDROUTE SDWAN PRO sits between your office LAN and the Internet – providing a seamless Internet solution whatever your business bandwidth requirements are.  Whether it is general office email, browsing, VoIP and video calling or whether you need to stream live events the SDWAN PRO delivers a low latency, resilient, bonded 4G / 5G / Wired Internet service.

Speedroute SD-WAN Pro Diagram


Bonded 5G Internet SD WAN PRO
SDWAN PRO Appliance Features

As a quick guide for a bonded 5G Internet solution comprising 1 x SD-WAN Pro appliance, with 500GB bonded data plan, with 1 x NR550 5G Router and unlimited data SIM Card, the upfront cost would be £600 with a monthly rental of £250 which includes the SD-WAN service and SIM rental.  This service would then connect to your office wired Internet service, providing a bonded service comprising your wired Internet and high speed 5G Internet for super fast office broadband with built-in failover.  You could also add an additional 4G router or wired internet service for added speed (up to 500Mbps) and additional failover.

If you needed bonded 5G Internet for video streaming or live events then we would recommend the 1GB SD-WAN PRO plan with 2 or 3 x NR550 5G Routers – please call for details and pricing.

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