Siemens SCALANCE MUM856-1 Industrial 5G Router

Siemens SCALANCE MUM856-1 Industrial 5G Router – secure, reliable and high speed 5G LTE mobile broadband Internet connectivity.


Siemens 5G Router

Industrial 5G connectivity can propel many applications in all industries. So, whether you are seeking secure remote maintenance solutions, or want to connect your factory floor with maximum bandwidths for data-intensive applications, SCALANCE MUM856-1 industrial 5G router is your enabler. The robust router offers all the features of the 5G standard that are specified in Release 15 and helps you to unlock new potentials for your production and business.

SCALANCE MUM856-1 5G router (RoW), IP65, for wireless IP communication of Ethernet-based applications via public 3/4/5G mobile radio networks and private 5G networks, VPN, firewall, NAT, IPv6, connection to SINEMA RC via CLP, 4 N- connect connections, 1x micro SIM slot, 1×10/100/1000 Mbps M12 port, redundant DC 24 V, M12 L-coded, PoE, -30… +60 °C, CLP slot, 1x DI and 1x DQ, A-coded, observe national approvals!



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