5G Routers for Office Internet

Whether you just need a 5G router as a stand alone solution for high speed 5G Mobile Broadband to replace a slower wired broadband service or need a router with high speed 5G modem to create a high speed WiFi hotspot for your temporary or mobile office or whilst waiting for wired Ethernet services to be installed.

We stock a range of 5G routers to suit most requirements.  We also supply a range of 5G antennas in case your router is located in a poor signal position but there is a much better 5G network signal close by or outdoors for example and we offer a range of mobile data SIM cards including unlimited data SIM cards and Fixed IP SIM Cards.

We can also supply 5G routers for 5G failover / 5G backup and also provide routers for use with SD-WAN solutions including the Speedroute SDWAN which can combine several 5G routers together with other Internet services such as 4G routers, ADSL and Leased Lines into a single high speed connection.  The Speedroute Internet service bonds multiple connections together providing a combined service with higher speeds than a single connection and also has the benefit of providing built-in failover because if one of the Internet services goes offline then the Speedroute service just carries on using the other connected services.